The client:

meravis Immobiliengruppe, Hannover and Hamburg

The challenge:

Digitalisation means a lot of chances for the housing industry – but it is challenging as well. As a medium-sized company, meravis plans to create a digital home service platform – not only for themselves but as well for the housing industry in Germany. Therefore they created a new company – the Spiri.Bo GmbH – and set up an interdisciplinary team to create this platform.  

The role:

We came in as UX-perts and took the role as the de-facto CPO to lead the product development process – and to help meravis to set up a digital service company. We work as management consultants and do the UX design.

Our work:

Ideas, concepts, wireframes and specifications, management consultancy. Leading internal workshops and meetings. Responsible for the overall Product-Management.

The timing:

since 09/2018