The client:

E.ON AG, Marketing, Munich (Germany) and Coventry (UK)

The challenge:

After a series of acquisitions, E.ON found themselves with a variety of backend systems and differing, mostly outdated digital and online services. They started the „Digital Attacker“ project in their two core markets Germany and the UK to come over this – and to recreate their major backend and frontend services.

To do this, an international interdisciplinary team was set up – and we created this „new E.ON“ in three countries: Munich (Germany), Coventry (UK) and Riga (Latvia) – a real agile „flying“ design & creation service. 

The role:

We came in as UX-perts and part of the internal, interdisciplinary design team to take care for the on-boarding journey and several other parts of the service.

Our work:

Ideas, concepts, wireframes and specifications. Leading internal workshops and meetings. Management of requirements.

The timing:

01/2018 – 09/2018