Creativity meets German Engineering

We create digital business

From the first idea to a sustainable concept - from a digital product to a new business:
We help our customers to re-create their business - and to define who they will be tomorrow.

Beyound design – do your next business your way!

Whoever only does what everyone does, will never get more than everybody else…

„Best practice“ is mostly just „common practice“ – and very rarely the best way for a company to compete and succeed. Noone has ever overtaken a competitor by just copying his strategy or products.

We believe in tailormade solutions. That’s why we help our clients to create their own way to do digital business, to redefine their products, services – and who they will be tomorrow.

We add competence for media business design to your team and your company. 

Believe in your dreams 
Listen to your customers and do your business in a new way

Discovering the right way is an ongoing process –
and it takes the right tools to find it.
We help companies to use the right tools
for sustainable, contemporary products and strategies.
We do this as external think tanks, part of internal project-teams
or in the driver-seat as digital interim managers.

Things we’re great at

We are offering everything it takes to create digital products, relaunch strategies or new business opportunities. These are our main 4 competences:


How to find the right answers to challenges of the digital age? We are part of this industry for more than 25 years. We have seen – and created – a lot of products and businesses. Based on this experiences, we do consulting for our clients and help them to „digitalise“ their company, their business and their team to be fit-for-future. 


We create services, screens and user flows for devices: from mobile to tablet and desktop – even up to Smart TV. We test our ideas using rapid prototyping low- or high-fi and we do it from the first idea, via concepts, wireframes and flows to design and functional specifications up to coding and testing as a one-stop-solution.


We can work like an external, specialised supplier or digital agency, but we also team up with our client teams to bring in missing know-how and capabilities. Being in the industry for decades, we have an „“ to cover nearly everthing from business consulting, to concepts and creation up to project-management and coding.


You need a leader who will set-up and accelerate your digital business? Someone who pushs you and your team in the new digital era? A person beyond charts and reports? Real, skilled, hands-on – ready to take responsibility and to add digital management skills on senior level? You will find such an Interim Manager at our team too.

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